Continuous Care Model of Addiction Recovery

Self Hate and Addiction

Recovery Issues - Drama

Recovery Issues - True Self

Relationship Matters - Episode 1 (Holding Onto Self)

Dr. Berger Audio Archives

Here we have 3 pre-recorded broadcasts of previous radio interviews. Dr. Berger is often called upos to dicuss matters relating to his specialties of Recovery and relationships.

Voice America

Dr. Tom & Bobbi Merle discuss Dr. Berger's book "Love secret's Revealed". 

Voice Of America

Take 12 Radio

Personality, the Multi-Man interview Dr. Berger during the holidays of 2009 and discuss an additional authoring of Dr. Berger, as a companion to his run-away hit "12 Stupid Thing That Mess Up Recovery", titled "12 Stupid Things That Mess Up The Holidays"

Take 12 Player

Psyc-Journey Podcast

On Air Discussion of Dr. Berger's run-away best seller published by Hazelden Publications entitled, "12 Stupid Things That Mess Up Recovery"

Psyc-Journey Player

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