Clinical Staff Training

Inservice Training

I conduct inservice staff training in the principles of effective group, family and individual counseling. I also help counselors examine their own professional development.

For the past thirty years I have provided clinical staff training for treatment programs here in the United States and in Europe. I have trained staff at The Betty Ford Center, Cedars at Cobble Hill in British Columbia, Cumberland Heights in Nashville – Tennessee, The Refuge in Florida, The Orchard in Vancouver – Canada, The Alcoholism Recovery Service and The Eating Disorders Unit at San Pedro Peninsula Hospital in California, and The Alcoholism Recovery Service at South Bay Hospital in California. I have also worked with the Blue Cross in Denmark.

Here are a couple of testimonials for your consideration.

Allen came to our center in 2008 and spent four quality days with our clinical team. cedars.gifThe main focus was on group therapy skills and solid intervention tactics that promote insightful therapeutic group sessions. Our clinical team received that and much more. By the end of the four days our team’s passion for their work and level of practical experience had increased significantly. We were provided with a common language and understanding as to the goal of group therapy. Allen’s ability to be “really present” in a group therapy session left a permanent impression on our counselors. I have attended and organized other training sessions for our team and the effect lasted for approximately four to five days. Allen’s visit with us continues to provide inspiration, direction and passion for our team. Thank-you Allen,
            Rob DeClark, M.S.W.
           Administrative Coordinator
           Cedars at Cobble Hill, B.C.


I just wanted to let you know how very much I appreciated the time you spent with us. I know the staff got a lot out of it, and upon reflection, I realize even more what a treat it was to have time with such a kindred spirit! Very reaffirming stuff and nice to know that people are still out there working the kind of recovery we hold so dear.
            Neal Berger
           Executive Director
           Cedars at Cobble Hill, B.C.

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