Executive Class Addiction Treatment (C) 2008 Allen Berger, Ph.D.

Executive Class Addiction Treatment (ECTx)

Research indicates that addiction treatment is most effective when it is individualized and addresses addiction as a primary problem as well as other core concerns and issues. Executive Class Treatment (ECTx) is the most personalized addiction treatment option available in the United States.

What is Executive Class Treatment?

ECTx is a one-on-one intensive treatment program customized to help you recover from addiction and to help your spouse and/or family begin healing. The program begins with a thorough assessment of your needs. The clinical information gathered during this assessment will help us generate an initial treatment plan and program design.

Our objective is to have your primary concerns determine the types and nature of clinical experiences we design to help you recover from your addiction and realize your full potential. Therefore as more is revealed during treatment, the program will be modified to address emerging concerns and new clinical information.

Your length of stay will range from 4 days to 90 days. Each day you will be educated about the science of addiction as well as the science of recovery. You will have one-on one sessions daily with recovery specialists or other health care professionals. In therapy you will be challenged to face life as never before. We have found that the more personal discomfort you are willing to endure, the greater the benefits.

We are here to support you, guide you, and counsel you but we cannot do this without your total cooperation and permission. We implore you to be honest with yourself and with us from the very start. If you are having trouble being honest then let us know and we will do our best to help you. During residential programs, which are typically conducted at the Staybridge Hotels in Torrance, a sober companion will live with you and take you to 12-Step meetings or other appropriate self-help groups.

Our residential program is highly intensive and requires about 14 hours per day. ECTx includes individual psychotherapy, family therapy, counseling, self-esteem work, psycho-education, physical fitness, massage therapy, spiritual direction, AA, NA, CA, SLA, or SAA attendance, Alanon attendance, readings, and writing assignments.

We have no expectation for how fast or slow you progress. However we do urge you to do your best. As the Big Book of AA so eloquently reminds us, “We strive for progress, not spiritual perfection.”

We expect you to start each day by having the intention to be open to new information about yourself and recovery, and also to push yourself beyond comfort. If you follow our suggestions and guidance, you will unlock your potential and build a strong foundation for recovery.

Program costs depend on the kind of services, type of program, and length of stay. The cost of the program will be estimated after the initial assessment.

ECTx Clinical Staff

Dr. Allen Berger is the Clinical Director and Founder of Executive Class Treatment. The program’s staff consists of handpicked, highly experienced therapists and counselors who are supervised by Dr. Berger.

  • Rick Chavez, M.D., Addictionologist and Board Certified Pain Specialist.
  • Leland Whitson, M.D., Addictionologist
  • Stuart Finkelstein, M.D., Addictionologist
  • Allen Berger, Ph.D. -- Clinical Psychologist
  • Roger Andes, M.A. – Self Esteem and Emotional Release Work
  • Herb Kaighan, B.A. – Spiritual Direction
  • Damian Schiller and Jim Coddington, LCSW - Sober Companions

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