Individual, Couples, and Family Psychotherapy

"Some may be curious how I work with clients. Recently I recorded an enactment of a group session. In this session I talk with Dan and he "

I provide individual, couples, and family psychotherapy by appointment for both face-to-face sessions and telephone consultations.

I believe therapy is at its best when it is relevant and responsive to the most important issues in your life today. Therefore, I let your problem determine the direction I take in helping you. My approach focuses on what you are doing right here and right now that will change your life. The more you are aware of what you are doing, the more you can attend to your needs and change your life. If there is unfinished business from your past, then I will help you to deal with it right here, right now.

I focus on solutions. I strive to create an atmosphere that promotes experimentation, exploration, and discovery. I am direct and solution-focused and provide feedback and suggestions when appropriate.

I help you discover your inner wisdom. The therapeutic experiences I design in our sessions assist you in integrating “disowned” parts of yourself. I want you to become whole and fully alive. I believe there is an untapped wisdom in each person. My goal is to help you discover that inner wisdom and learn how to trust and support yourself.
I view personal pain, suffering and relationship discord as providing the energy or heat necessary to forge better relationships and develop potential. When I work with couples or families, I attempt to restore the natural therapeutic functioning of those relationships.

I help you be more effective. Finally, I believe the so-called “problem” you are struggling with is never the real problem. The real problem is how you cope with the problem. Most of our problems come from not knowing better. In this spirit I try and help you be more effective in developing better problem solving strategies. That way, you can carry forward what you learn in therapy to solve new problems as they arise.

While I specialize in addiction recovery and relationship therapy, I love to work with anyone who has a sincere desire to become a better person or a better partner or who has an interest to overcome a personal problem. Remember, you don’t have to be sick to get better.

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